I try to solve some beginner level problem using JavaScript. Just for practice. We will use some basic mathematical calculations, some JavaScript Math object, and loop.

What is React?

Facebook recently launched their new interface. Which is nice and attractive. As a user, I think it’s good. Because ultimately user experience is the main priority for web designers or web developers. Why we are talking about Facebook???

React is created by Facebook. And React is a User Interface library. Many of us are confused about the library and framework. Just set it to your mind that React is a Library, not Framework.

Now make it clear that what is Library and what is Framework!!

Library is a set of reusable functions used by a computer program…


Every language has some primitives types. And JavaScript also has some. There are six primitives types in JS.

That’s important to know about the primitives types. Because it helps a lot to understand the language.





JavaScript’s language syntax recognizes expressions and statements. Both are different and we should need to know the basic difference.
An expression is a code that evaluates the value and a statemnet is a code that performs.
console.log(2 + 2);//expression
if (answer !== 1) { answer = 1} // statement

Checking a type of value:

At the very first age, JavaScript was called LiveScript. An engineer named Brendan Eich has created JavaScript in 1995. There was a little confusion about the name with Java and JavaScript. After several months Microsoft released JScript with Internet Explorer 3. After that Netscape submitted JavaScript to Ecma International. In 1999 ECMAScript edition 3 launched and it has stayed pretty much stable ever since.

An Overview of JavaScript:

JavaScript is a dynamic language with many type, operators, objects, and methods. JavaScripts’ syntax is inspired by Java And C language. A programmer can work with object prototypes, instead of classes and…

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